amber teething necklace

When you go to buy an amber teething necklace for your baby, you must have a list of things that should be considered for it. There are many mothers that don’t pay attention on distinguishing the difference between real and fake amber necklace. It is quite important for the parents to know the qualities of real amber. These qualities and features can help them to buy a right piece for their baby. Some of the given points are very helpful to buy this necklace. Take a look at them.

  • There should be a trusted and reliable vendor of teething It is a belief of many customers that credible vendors sell genuine products. Secondly, they can’t take any risk to affect their established business by selling unoriginal products.
  • When you select a Baltic amber necklace, you need to rub it for few seconds by wrapping inside a cloth. If it is a real stone, it’ll attract the little pieces of paper. Otherwise, you won’t find it able to have electrostatic energy. This is the most easiest and workable method to pick a genuine amber necklace.
  • The child’s health is most important and preferable more than anything for the mothers. Therefore, a mother should purchase the amber beads that can be rounded softly. In this way, a baby can sleep with proper comfort. This comfort would also be good for the skin of your child. Some baltic amber teething necklace comes with hard beads while others with the soft ones. The hard beads necklaces are being used by the women as fashion jewelry.
  • It is suggested not to compromise with the price of an amber necklace. After all, it’s a matter of your child’s health. By saving little amount of money, you won’t be able to get satisfaction and it may not be effective to relieve mouth pain. The standard price of an amber teething necklace ranges from $15 to $30. If any vendor is offering it on less than $15, you need to check the authenticity of that stone.
  • After buying a necklace made from genuine amber stone, you should pay higher attention on your child to stop him/her from chewing it. It will be better to remove a necklace when your baby is sleeping.


All of the discussed points would be very helpful for you regarding amber necklace. You should also share them with other mothers as well.